weinrichworld Lexicon

Test your knowledge!

What’s the English word for “Werbesujet”?
How do you pronounce “signage” in English?
A “City Light” would be called what in the UK?
How would you explain what a “Prismenwender” is in English?

If you are not sure of the answers – and can’t find these terms in any of the usual dictionaries – help is in sight.

Coming soon: the weinrichworld bilingual lexicon of communications (working title)

This labor of love will be one of the most comprehensive (over 25,000 entries), relevant, and current on the market. The main areas covered by the lexicon include, in alphabetical order:

- advertising
- corporate communications & PR
- direct/dialogue marketing
- graphic design
- marketing
- market research
- media
- print and broadcast production.

The lexicon features definitions as well as use of terms in context.

Due to the rapid technological changes of the past few years, the formats in which this work will be published have yet to be confirmed. For now, this website should provide a preview of the work.

I welcome your questions and feedback at my Blog!