Translations & Other Services


Translations which don’t sound like translations

weinrichworld offers translations:

- from German to English (US/UK);
- in specialty areas of advertising, communications, general business, marketing, market research;
- and in other areas including the arts, architecture, construction, life sciences, literature, real estate, travel and tourism.

weinrichworld clients receive fast, reliable and accurate translation services by a native speaker with years of experience in the real business world. But even more: weinrichworld clients receive translations which don’t read or sound like translations. This is possible thanks to a feel for the rhythm of the language, thorough knowledge of the fields being translated and an understanding of the target audience of the text. weinrichworld also strives for consistency across multiple translations in order to maintain an integrated corporate language.

Costs which are transparent and fair

weinrichworld believes costs should be transparent and fair – for both sides. This is why weinrichworld’s rates are calculated according to the number of words. Rates vary according to type of text to be translated and how quickly the final translation is required. Very small translation jobs are invoiced at an hourly rate varying from 80 to 100 Euros per hour (not including sales tax). Regular customers enjoy a volume discount for weinrichworld services.

Go to Contact for more information on how to obtain a cost estimate for your translation job.

Other Services

Corporate communications

Based on information provided by your company, weinrichworld creates English-language:

- brochures
- CVs and biographical sketches
- newsletters
- press releases
- PowerPoint presentations
- speeches
- website texts and more.

Rates for corporate communications services vary according to project. Please contact weinrichworld for more information.


As an English native speaker and advertising professional, I am uniquely qualified to create English-language advertising copy, including slogans, headlines and advertisement body copy. Copy for other promotional tools such as image brochures, voiceovers for corporate films, direct mailings and more may also be commissioned.

Rates for copywriting vary according to project. Please contact weinrichworld for more information.

Proofreading (US/UK English)

Having a document proofread by a trained native speaker may make all the difference. In addition to checking for grammar and spelling errors, weinrichworld can also enhance the overall work through careful editing of content.

Proofreading services are invoiced by the hour. Hourly rates vary from 80 to 100 Euros per hour (not including sales tax) depending on turnaround time. Go to weinrichworld or more information.