Slogan (Neudeutsch) | Slogan (also called tagline)

A slogan is a phrase or sentence which should communicate the essence or core of a brand in a precise and memorable fashion. A slogan may or may not contain elements of the brand promise. The word “slogan” is derived from the Gaelic “sluagh-ghairm,” which means rallying or battle cry.

A slogan is not the same as a claim. A claim must always contain some sort of promise (often the USP), whereas a slogan might do so, but doesn’t have to. For any given product, a company may have only a slogan, only a claim, both a slogan and a claim, or a hybrid version of slogan and claim. The Nike slogan “Just Do It” is an example of a slogan which in fact contains elements of the brand promise and is therefore a type of hybrid slogan-claim.

Studies in German-speaking countries have shown that many German speakers do not understand or at least misinterpret English-language slogans. For example, the cosmetics retailer Douglas had a slogan in English, “Come In and Find Out.” Studies have revealed that it was often misunderstood to mean “come in and be able to find your way out again.”

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