Chef vom Dienst (Radio)|duty editor

How do you say “Chef vom Dienst” (at a radio station) in English?

German term: Chef vom Dienst (Radio)

English term: duty editor

Explanation: In radio, a duty editor is a senior journalist with editorial and managerial duties. A duty editor reports to the news editor (German: “Chefredakteur”).

Example in context: “[Duty editors] are on the frontline for receiving all the calls from potential news sources such as the public, emergency services and politicians. These stories are judged on merit and either passed on to a reporter, or fobbed off. The duty editor decides, after consultation with the news editor, what should be broadcast and in what order, which stories to include and which to omit.” (Source: Sarah Niblock, Inside Journalism (London: Blueprint/Chapman & Hall, 1996), p. 130.)

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